Review | The Secret of Literacy

Wanting to shake up my practice, I’ve been ploughing through some educational books and, broadly, they fall into three categories: policy, practice and pedagogy. It is really tricky to find a book aimed at teachers that includes elements of each, while remaining readable. The Secret of Literacy does this.

David Didau, author of the must-read blog The Learning Spy, has managed to do exactly what his tag line suggests we do for learners – make the implicit explicit. He explores the different ways we can reveal the structure of our learning to children, and his book is peppered with fantastic ideas that are practical and really work. What I like about this book, is that Didau strikes the tonal balance between offering practical ideas but supporting it with sound pedagogy. I’ve already tried ideas such as Slow Writing, which have been a great hit with my class!

This book is a must read for anyone in the Primary classroom, and it’s easy to access ideas and thinking will transform your teaching.

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