Topics | Best books for the Tudors

Having taught the Tudors as a cross-curricular topic for the past few years now, these are three of the best books that I’ve found for writing, class novels and independent reading. Enjoy!


The Devil and His Boy, Anthony Horowitz

A captivating novel which charts the adventures of Tom as he is caught up in a whirlwind adventure which takes from a pub in Framlingham to the Shakespearean stage! The writing is evocative, dramatic and is a fantastic starting point for writing. Works well as a read aloud or shared text! Order here.

King of Shadows, Susan Cooper

This time-slip novel sees Nathan Field, a young American actor, travel to England to perform on the newly-built Globe stage. Once there, he falls sick with a mysterious illness and wakes up in Shakespearean England. He then assumes the role of Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, working with William Shakespeare himself. This text is a great independent read, and has many great links to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It would work well alongside the study of the play, and children love spotting the links! Order here.

Elizabeth I, Red Rose of the Royal House of Tudor,  Kathryn Lasky

I was first introduced to this series through my own childhood reading of the Marie Antoinette Royal Diary and the rediscovery of the series as a teacher. All the novels in the series are accessible diaries for young readers based on Royal figures. It really captured the imaginations of my weaker girl readers who feel like they could get close to the Virgin Queen.Order here.

What other texts do you think work well with a Tudor topic?


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